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With the fabulous ‘ Le Sacre Du Travail’ just released, this was the perfect excuse to catch up with The Tangent and so I caught up with Andy Tillison to talk about the last 2 years and the creation of the latest Tangent album, the superstar lineup of contributing musicians and future plans for The Tangent. PLUS of course we chat about life, music and the current state of Britain, if not the world. Enjoy.lsdt

This week’s show is a fandabbydozzy interview with the rather spiffing Mr Michael Holmes Esquire. We just basically play and natter about our fave bands and music including an exclusive NEVER before heard IQ track. Other godlike sounds come from: The Edgar Winter Group,Scott Walker, more IQ, Steely Dan (natch), Alice Cooper, Neil Young, Muse, KLF,Brian Protheroe, The Tubes and the sublime Joni Mitchell.

Mike PD

The music is not mainstream prog but I defy anyone to not adore the tunes we play. VERY special thanks to my great friend Mr Jon Patrick and Mike even brought along some scummy cake and hot cross buns which we washed down with some rather nice earl gray tea. MISS THIS SHOW AT YOUR PERIL.